Reference from Ken Goh (attended Portfolio Preparation course)

From being just a 'Guy-Next-Door' to 'The Next Top International Fashion Designer' might sound like something almost impossible or perhaps the 'Biggest Joke' to almost everyone over here in Singapore... especially considering the size of our local fashion and textile sector... but, I realised this may be possible - to turn my dream into reality - when I discovered a gifted educator, Milica!

Although having spent only 8 lessons with Milica in a period of less then a month, her patience, guidance and professionalism, plus words of encouragement and perceptive advice were enough to open myself to artistic knowledge and bring more confidence to me. Now, I can imagine becoming a successful fashion designer ( hopefully 'The Next Top International Fashion Designer' one day!). As time went by , I witnessed my progress through pencil sketching and later, collage presentations. It was a great improvement in both my fashion illustration and presentation skill,
(my weakest area when I was pursuing Diploma in Fashion Design at the poli)

Taking one step closer to my dream, I designed my personal portfolio - previous creations together with the sketches and collage presentations I did under the guidance of Milica. This was a part of my entrance interview for BA(HONS) in Fashion Design at NAFA (Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts), School of Fashion Studies. My interviewers were impressed by the way I presented my portfolio, and they appreciated collage presentations taught by Milica.

Ken Goh
(Accepted to NAFA, School of Fashion Studies, Singapore, in June 2006)


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