Dubrovnik is a unique Medieval town which lies on the Southern part of the beautiful Adriatic coast. It is famous for its architecture, which embraces the Gothic and Romanic as well as the Renaissance and Baroque features in more than 17 churches, monasteries, fortresses, palaces and fountains. Stradun is it's central street, a jugular meeting place throughout the centuries which has  always been a captivating spot for the spirit of it's citizens as well as the travellers and tourists.

Milica comes from a well known family of Dubrovnik architects and artists. Her mother Vera has created a unique city plan that remained one of the most complete guides for the tourists throughout the last four decades. Milica's father Braco's tempera work shows his response to the colorful inspiration coming from this Mediterranean city. In April 2006 Braco Bravacic exhibited his new series of paintings at gallery "Stradun" in Dubrovnik.

Braco Bravacic
Vera Bravacic
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