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Current students' works in progress

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Sean Tay

I have learnt a lot throughout my time learning under Milica. She takes a very hands on approach in teaching and tries to give as much attention she can to every student that comes for her lesson. The hands on attention is very helpful for students like me who have not touched pencils and a sketchpad for a considerable amount of time, or students without any prior experience at all , just starting out. Critique and suggestions given out by her are greatly constructive and is easy to understand and digest, which helps greatly.

After 8 moths portfolo preparation , Sean Tay is enrolling graphic communication design at CSM, London.

Sherry Ng

With no formal background in design & art, I found myself having problems attempting my assignments. I was utterly unprepared for the challenges in front of me.

In the midst of desperation, Milica has kindly accepted me as her student despite the extremely tight assignment schedules. Instead, she has been very accommodating and understanding towards my hectic schedules with her. Under her patient and careful guidance, I managed to acquire the necessary skills and pull through the design & art modules smoothly. She made me realize that with perseverance and determination, nothing is impossible.

She is not just a great teacher, but also a supportive mentor and guide.

Thank you for everything, Milica.

Sherry Ng

Unisim Design Student

In April 2010, Sherry has successfully completed her assignments for "Unisim Design" following a month long portfolio preparation with Milica.

Joel Lyn

This April Joel Lyn was accepted to London College of Communication

When I first started out with Milica, I was a bit hesitant on what I could learn. But after the first lesson I knew I was on a road to discovery.

Milica was very patient and she knew exactly what I needed to understand. Her studio is a conducive environment with soft classical music in the background and nice teas. With Milica, there is no shortcut or a vague understanding on skills. I can only say, I learnt from her a solid set of drawing and compositional skills. Each lesson was more exciting than the last as we moved on from basic shapes to portraits. She saw my strengths and knew how to make use of them and allow for more creative work. She would allow me to grow and learn at my own pace.

The most important lesson I learnt from her was instinct and 'feeling'. The sensitivity to the work whether is it painting or pastels. She knows what details to add in to make a work or interesting whether is it an abstract or realistic work. This, I had not learn from anyone else, but only from her.

I cannot thank her enough for all the skills she has imparted to me, I can only be forever grateful to her for helping me realising my dream. Those days will not only be good memories...

'The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention' - Oscar Wilde

Dania Bangun

In April 2010 Dania has been accepted to London College of Fashion after submitting her fashion portfolio which has been profiled through an intensive 2 months Portfolio Preparation with Milica.

Tingzhi Liu

This April Tingzhi has been accepted to Central St. Martin's Foundation.

Despite having no formal background in art, after several lessons with Milica, I found myself improving rapidly and being able to draw with much more confidence and ease. Under her patient guidance, even I was surprised by the work I was producing. Within 4 months, we put together a strong body of work that helped me gain acceptance into Central St. Martins in London. I am extremely thankful for Milica's teaching and look forward to more lessons with her !

Claire Wang

Learning from Milica has been such a pleasant experience which I have never experienced with other teachers. In my lessons with her, I enjoyed very much the process of art making and getting to understand my own potential. I have learnt not only the solid technical skills, but also the spirit of becoming an artist. She has been very patient and tireless which really inspired me. I can only say: “Thank you, Milica, for everything you have taught me! You really helped me to see the world differently!

In May 2010 Claire Wang has been accepted to London College of Fashion, after 8 month portfolio preparation with Milica and no previous art background.

Lessons with Milica were a great help to me in my preparation for University portfolio submissions. Despite coming to her with no formal art training and upcoming deadlines, over two months I was able to develop a firm grounding in basic pencil sketching and the perception of lines, forms and shadows. Soon enough I was able to create pieces that surprised even myself. Apart from translating still life into pencil sketches, Milica pushed me to express myself visually by creating collages and deepened my appreciation of visual art. I owe much to Milica's patient and thorough training that I know will remain useful to me throughout my studies in Architecture and beyond.

"I have very good news, that I've just been accepted into First year studies at the AA! It wouldn't have been possible without your great teaching so I really owe you all my thanks."


Lingxiu has been accepted to AA School of Architecture in London after only 2 months of portfolio preparation with Milica

I had to complete 15 lessons (from beginner to advance) in a month due to work commitment. It seemed impossible for me at the beginning due to lack of time for practice and skills. However, Milica's teaching methods and plans have proven to be as effective! She is very patient and sensitive to each student's needs and pace. Each lesson was specially
designed by Milica so we could progress and transit from one stage to another easily. I progressed from drawing cubes to portraits in 4 weeks!

Another thing worth mentioning is the learning environment. Her studio was very comfortable and conducive, coupled by soothing classical music and aromatic tea is just perfect for learning (and even drawing for 3 hours and more!)

Cherry Thian

From an educational institution

Jaclyn Ng

Completed Beginner's drawing, Advanced Drawing, Painting course and prepared theme projects suggested by CSM. Not yet completed Portfolio preparation course.

In March 2009 accepted to the prep. one year program before entering CSM, London.


Nadine Gough

Besides being accepted to the preparatory 1 year program linked to St. Martin's in London, Manchester Metropolitan Ravensbourne, and University College of the Creative Arts in London, in March 2009, Nadine was accepted to and enrolled into Arts University College at Bournemouth (Fashion studies).

Ming Lee

Ming's porfolio is currently in the admission process for RISD.

Yao Bini

Conditionally accepted to St. Martin's College of Art and Design (Fashion), in August 2008, after less than a month long intensive Portfolio Preparation.

Tzen Chia

Accepted to AA School of Architecture, in UK, in June 2008, after only 10 days Portfolio preparation and no art background. (Tzen's ideas were strong and therefore she needed help in visual presentation of her theoretical concepts).

Ever since I was a little girl I've always had this liking for the arts. While growing up, finding ways to express myself wasn't easy. Milica's lessons has not only taught me to observe the smallest details of an object, but have also taught me about patience and work discipline. I've learnt that each line can turn to a different picture, just by a different angle or perspective. I feel that Milica has slowly shaped and molded me into seeing the bigger picture. Each lesson I had with her was equally filled with technical knowledge and that I can use in other aspects of my life.

Before knowing Milica, my art skills were still hidden inside me. It was only a few months before my IGCSE Art paper, and I was in a rush. Although earlier on I hadn't have completed her Advanced course, I still managed to work on the preparation pieces for the IGSCE exam with Milica's guidance. Before I left for the exam, Milica prepped and encouraged me, advising and reminding me of my weak and strong points, where I should concentrate more or less on.

I knew that with the lack of experience I had, I would the most have gotten a C. But as months passed, and when the letter came in, I yelled of joy when I've recieved an A. I was more than happy being Milica's pupil!

Rebecca Low

In less than a year of intensive training Rebecca Low has prepared and completed her IGSCE exam. which has gained her an A grade, through the external assessment from Cambridge (August 2008).


Milica has helped boost my chances in furthering my studies by helping me achieve what seemed to be impossible. WIthin a month and a half of intensive classes, she gave me the confidence to draw and was open to my creative opinions at the same time. She truly is as wonderful a tutor as she is an artist; Milica understands that each individual excels at a different pace and never pressures but instead encourages. Working together, she has aided me to discover my potential, exceed my own expectations and open a new window of opportunity.

En Tsao

Accepted to the Parson's School of Design in NYC, in March 2008, after an intensive 3 months Portfolio preparation.

Within the time spent under Milica, I have come to understand the fragile, sensitive concept of different tones of light and shading. With her guidance, I learnt quick sketching and "constructing" facial structures and body parts. With much encouragement from her, I am determined to improve my technique further. At times, I feel that Milica has unlocked some part of my childhood mind that has never been put to use till recently. And i thank her for that, for I have come to realise my dream to study architecture.

Stanley Tan

Accepted to AA School of Architecture in UK, in March 2008, after an intensive 4 months Portfolio preparation.


Lessons with Milica have always been something to look forward to in the week. I am a complete newbie to art and the decision to apply to LASALLE was daunting and seemed completely impossible at one time. But, with Milica patient (with emphasis on the word) guidance, I begun to pick up the required skill to fuel my interest. She taught me how to see as an artist would and to enable this vision down on paper. I know that without Milica, I would NEVER gain acceptance into LASALLE. She’s the best teacher one can ever find.

"The mediocre teacher tells.The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." -William Arthur Ward

Jeanie Poh

Accepted to Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in June 2007, after an intensive 5 months long Portfolio preparation ompleted Porfolio Preparation.

Preparing a portfolio for art college is always a daunting prospect for the most of us. I started attending Milica’s classes with absolutely no art experience whatsoever. However, under the patient and skilled guidance of Milica, I have learned so much more than I had ever imagined, and I’ve grown more confident in expressing myself through art. It’ll be a long road ahead, but I can confidently say that I have taken the right first step with Milica.

Yao Zhong Chia

Accepted to Savannah College of Art & Design in US in 2006, after a year long Portfolio preparation.

In Milica's classes, I have learnt to be patient and to observe objects closely when drawing. Her classes were interesting as each class was different and new. This encouraged me to try new ideas and materials. Each time I benefited more from her comments about my work during the lesson. These comments strengthened my weakness in my technical skills.

Her lessons helped me to produce strong university portfolio which I thought was impossible at first. As a result of all of this, I have received positive replies from great art schools.

Hee Jin

Accepted to the Art Institute of Chicago, SVA, SCAD-Atlanta (from which she has received a portfolio merit scholarship), and Parson's School of Design, in 2007, after 5 months long Portfolio preparation.

I met Milla when she came to SAS in 2004 to teach the AP Art course. One of the first questions she asked the class was whether we knew what the word abstract meant. I immediately took to her after this as she made me understand abstract art in a way I had never understood it before. She is a teacher and a mentor; she sees things the way scientists do through microscopes, but she understands things like the masters. In a class of almost 20, she worked with and got to know each student individually, criticized our work, helped us improve on our skills, and most importantly, as an artist she continues to inspire her students.

I continue to take private drawing classes with Milla. Alongside teaching the fundamentals of fine art, Milla incorporates the intellectual side of art into her teaching, which is thoroughly captivating and sometimes even sends me on powerful philosophical quests! The level of sophistication, inspiration, and dedication Milla puts forth in the studio with her students is addictive. In turn, she has inspired me to work harder, push the boundaries, and explore higher levels.

Aparna Thadani

Admitted to CSM, London, Chelsea School of Art, London, and School of Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Leeds University for contemporary art practice, after a year long portfolio preparation in 2005.

Portfolio work by Aparna Thadani, under guidance of Milica Bravacic
Portfolio work by Aparna Thadani, under guidance of Milica Bravacic

Charlotte Wuisan

In March 2009 Charlotte Wuisan was accepted to Parson's challenge program and London Institute of Fashion

Avnee Jetley

Portfolio pieces for RISD New York, February 2008

After circa 6 month portfolio  preparation, in Spring 2008 Avnee was accepted to Cardiff University, University of Sheffield with a scholarship offer, University of Bath, the University of Manchester in UK, University of Southern California and Pratt Institute. She was also accepted at RISD in USA, where she currently pursuing her studies.

The best teacher will always teach you how to catch fish but not just give you the fish, with the guidance and professionalism of Milica, I have improved a lot during a very short period as about 3 months. I never doubt about that Milica is the best!

Zhang Hangji

completed beginners'/advanced course in 2007

I studied under Milica for less than two months but this short time frame is more than sufficient for me to consolidate the firm belief that Milica is an excellent teacher. She is thorough in her teaching and highly perceptive in her comments and advice. Her insistence on careful observation and detail provided great training for me and the various techniques I picked up from Milica prove to be very useful. Significantly, she gave me space and encouragement to express myself more freely in terms of design, sharing with me with insights and ideas, all of which helped greatly in pushing my work to a higher level. Milica's art lessons challenged me to improve myself both technically and perceptively, and it was a truly rewarding and wonderful experience to have her as my teacher.

Tan Kai Yun

Admitted to Rhode Island School of Design, New York, in Spring 2006

With Milica's guidance and lessons, I was able to add a lot more diversity to my existing art portfolio which I then sent for my university application and was accepted.

She not only taught me how to do the portfolio and gave guidance on what the teachers are looking for but even went through all the basics of drawing from life as she wanted to make sure I had all the needed skills in order to do well in my studies later on. I learnt a lot through her lessons and am now able to draw with much more confidence and accuracy.

It was a great experience learning from her and I wish I could have more lessons with Milica as there is still so much more I wish to learn from her.

Harwinder Singh

Accepted to Sheridan College of Design, Canada, in May 2006

Although having spent only 8 lessons with Milica in a period of less then a month, her patience, guidance and professionalism, plus words of encouragement and perceptive advice were enough to open myself to artistic knowledge and bring more confidence to me. Now, I can imagine becoming a successful fashion designer ( hopefully 'The Next Top International Fashion Designer' one day!). As time went by , I witnessed my progress through pencil sketching and later, collage presentations. It was a great improvement in both my fashion illustration and presentation skill, (my weakest area when I was pursuing Diploma in Fashion Design at the poli)


Ken Goh

Accepted to NAFA, School of Fashion Studies, Singapore, in June 2006

Thomas Higgs, quoting Oscar Wilde:

"I have the simplest tastes, I always go for the best."

Accepted to Central St. Martin's School of Design, in London, in March 2006, after an intensive 3 month preparation with Milica and no art background.

I'm lucky to have Milica to guide me for the past few months. I started out with little confidence with traditional media, I was so used to drawing digitally, easily undoing and editing lines and shapes to get what I wanted. During the first lesson, I fumbled through drawing just simple objects like cones and spheres. I'm not a fast student, and I work very slowly. I complete drawings much slower than most of the other students under Milica's tutelage. She was very patient and supportive all the way. I've improved a great deal with her. She understands that everyone has different pace in learning. I churned out drawings that are way beyond what I thought I could ever do. I have built a better portfolio too. Milica taught me things that I NEED and I could not get in polytechnic before. If not for her, I wouldn't be able to make it for my application deadline for an art college. In fact, I would still be lost, not knowing what to do. Milica taught me to be more confident, to stop my excessive measuring and just draw.

Yin Santay

Admitted to Rhode Island School of Design, New York, in 2005

Portfolio work by Yin Santay, under guidance of Milica Bravacic

Art lessons with Milica have taught me a lot about drawing from observation. The first lesson I had with her, I thought I would never be able to draw as precisely as she required me to, every line had to be no less than perfect.

After the initial difficulty, I found it increasingly easier to recreate accurate images of the still life that was set up for us. With guidance through each task Milica assisted me in increasing my drawing abilities. The lessons on shading I found particularly useful, especially so when it came to applying my newly gained knowledge in other areas such as painting. In addition the course has taught me to see the value of objects and pay attention to the texture down to the smallest details.

Even though I was slightly intimidated by her skills at first I found Milica to be very pleasant to learn from, she is a wonderful teacher and has helped me a great deal. I have had many different art teachers but I can easily say that I have learned more from Milica in a relatively short time span than all my past art teachers together.

Lidija Stanisic

Admitted to St. Martin's School of Art and Design in spring 2005
Portfolio work by Lidija Stanisic, under guidance of Milica Bravacic
Portfolio work by Lidija Stanisic, under guidance of Milica Bravacic
Portfolio work by Lidija Stanisic, under guidance of Milica Bravacic
Portfolio work by Lidija Stanisic, under guidance of Milica Bravacic

My son Nicholas Theobald, who is a sophomore at SAS, has been taking art classes with Milica for the past 6 months. My husband and I couldn’t be more pleased with Nicholas progress. After Nicholas decided he wanted to go to school for art and design after high school, we decided that he should get extra help in the arts. Since Milica has a great reputation in teaching art, we decided Nicholas should take some extra help from her.

Milica has helped numerous students to set up their portfolios, which makes a great part in any art school’s admissions decision. She has an MA in Fine Arts, an extensive knowledge of the art schools admissions process, is classically trained and focuses on making sure that students understand the fundamentals before proceeding to expressionism, and other, more free art styles, which can be explored only after students have a profound grasp of classical artistic techniques.

Given the excellent progress we are seeing with Nicholas we have no doubts or reservations on her abilities as an art educator.

Nicki Theobald

Nicholas was admitted in 2005 and is currently studying at Parsons School of Design, New York
Portfolio work by Nicholas Theobald, under guidance of Milica Bravacic
Portfolio work by Nicholas Theobald, under guidance of Milica Bravacic
Portfolio work by Nicholas Theobald, under guidance of Milica Bravacic

I never thought entering Central Saint Martin's College in London was possible, but Milica made me believe that it could become a reality. I had neither technical knowledge nor any drawing experience at all when I came to her, but her patience, guidance and artistic knowledge have given me the confidence to portray my thoughts and ideas through sketches, drawings and paintings. I will be beginning my foundation year at CSM in September 2004 and I am certain that skills and concepts taught by Milica give me a firm foundation to begin my formal studies of Fashion design.

Rachel Lee

Currently studying at London Institute of Fashion, admitted in 2004

Milica taught me the importance of observation. To look with concentration and inquisition at what you are about to depict and then “transfer” on to the paper. The sketch does not have to be an exact recording, but it has to be studied profoundly to make you trust that it can reflect what you want it to say. Once Milica is sure that you observe with passion, she teaches you about the necessary drawing techniques.

Anette Nortfols, artist

Trained in 2001, entered second year of Lasalle-SIA College of Art, graduated in 2003, now a practicing artist in Europe

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