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Art courses close over summer and commence on 1st September. New prices apply from September. If you enroll earlier you can have a discount for the first 5 classes. (price list...)

Sandra Davie , Journalist

I was a true beginner when I took my first drawing class with Milica, and I have been very impressed by her teaching skills: the lessons are friendly and pleasant, yet she uses a solid method, so her students make fast progress. I truly feel I learnt strong basics and after the first 3-4 lessons, I have been surprised with my own progress. I strongly recommend Milica to anyone interested in learning and perfecting your drawing skills - whether you are a beginner like me, or already well advanced.


I've been more of a mathematics and science person than an art person for as long as I know myself. When I decided to go for interior designing, I'm rather lost and felt unprepared for the challenge. Thus I attended Milica's course, under the intention of taking up a new hobby as well as learning how to draw. However, I gained more than I thought I would. Under Milica's guidance, I learnt that drawing requires knowledge such as measuring proportions and knowing the techniques of shading unlike that of the doodlings I always do when I'm bored or attending a geography lesson. Now I'm more confidant in myself for the interior designer route thanks to Milica. 

Su Huiyu
igh school student, completed Beginner's and Advanced Course in March 2007

I had taught myself to draw and attended a few classes years ago following a strictly intuitive teaching method. I had reached a level where I could produce simple, but uneven work, and I did not have the confidence to tackle ambitious projects.

Milica’s method, combining both intuition and formal technique really helped me to fully develop my drawing and painting skills. I gained the technical ability to properly tackle proportions, perspective, shading and colours while also developing a stronger intuitive eyesight.

Thanks to Milica’s teachings, I feel I can now tackle all kinds of ambitious projects, using pencil, charcoal, pastel or acrylics. I think her method has not only made me a more “efficient” painter but has also helped me to strongly enhance my creativity.

Catherine Levesque

I am a complete beginner, having been written off as hopeless at school. I have just started drawing classes with Milica, and have already learnt a huge amount. She has completely changed my perception and helped me a great deal with my technique, whereas previously I didn’t know how to start drawing an object. I can now estimate size and proportions and understand how to transfer what I see in front of me on to the page. It is really fun using simple steps to draw something that becomes alive on the paper.

Annabelle Cleeve
Environmental Consultant/Mother, Singapore

A really great art teacher can make all the difference!  I certainly found that in Milica.  She has given me the foundation and skills I needed to feel confident in my work.  Because of her, I feel grounded in my drawing abilities.  This confidence has given me the freedom to paint or draw in any medium.  She has taught me to look at my surroundings like an artist and to view the world through the eyes of a painter.  Milica also seems to have this innate ability to "read" her students and understand what emotions, spirit, and style each art student brings to his/her work.   This is an invaluable gift that helps her to guide and instruct in a very individualized way.  I am grateful that I found Milica to guide me at the beginning of my journey as an artist.

Laura Barrets
(Completed the Beginner's drawing course)

My name is Flore. I was 35 years old and managing an art gallery in Singapore when I met Milica the first time. I felt immediately her charisma and her great knowledge of art. I always wanted to learn the basics of drawing and decided to take her classes. It was one of my most interested times in Singapore. I was looking forward my weekly drawing sessions with happiness and excitement. Milica is an excellent art teacher but also a great human being. I thank her for giving me the envy to carry on drawing, painting and to explore my own artistic path.

Flore Armand, 2005
(Completed the Beginner’s drawing course)

Think you can’t draw? Think again.

This is a wonderful course for those looking for a step-by-step approach to drawing. Whether you are preparing for art colleges or would like to take up a new hobby, Milica’s fine instruction will teach you how to best understand and use proportions and shading, light and perspective… the list goes on. Her very comprehensive way of teaching makes budding artists eager to draw and try other mediums.

Karen Prince, governess, Singapore
(Completed the Beginner’s and now studying the Advanced drawing course)

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